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Editor's Notebook

More Monster Magic

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  October 28th, 2011 3

I am still working on a fly-tying story by Chip Cromarty on his pike fly called the Monster Magic. I have a great photo here of Fly Fisherman publisher Steve Hoffman with a giant pike caught on this fly, but little did I know that there was also video of him catching the fish.

The first pike in the clip is a trophy for anyone, but the real “sow” is much larger, and doesn’t show up in this clip until the end so be patient, or scroll forward to see probably the biggest fly-caught North American pike I’ve even seen on film.


  • Tom Ham

    kick…ass! love it!

  • wesley

    so awesome! why can't I catch fish that big on the caney fork river in tennessee?????!!!!!!

  • Ron (Grizz)

    I tried it in Minnesota once….a flourocarbon leader on a 5/6 wt rig will not get it done. It's nice to see someone with the right toys get it done. I'll go back with an 8 wt and some wire….thanks for the inspiration….Ron

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