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Editor's Notebook

Giving Away a Bamboo Rod

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  November 30th, 2011 6

Years ago a friend gave me a South Bend 359. This is not a valuable collector’s rod as they were mass produced. The rod is straight and in good working order with two tips, one 6 inches shorter than the other. The finish on the bamboo is fantastic, the wraps are deteriorating and the cork is terribly abused. The real seat works but is very cheapo.

It sat in my basement for 10 years until this Thanksgiving when I decided to get rid of some of my old stuff, and as a result I am giving the rod away—hopefully to someone who loves bamboo rods and will take the time to rebuild this rod, make it beautiful, and use it.

I’ll give the rod to the first person to post (on this page, not Facebook) the answer to this question. “The Aquinnah Rod Company produced only one rod model. What was the name of this rod?” (Hint: The answer is in Gear Guide 2012.)

  • harrison


  • Jon Sielsky

    The One

  • Dale Fogg

    Aquinnah #1

  • Erickson Photography

    Aquinnah Model 1

  • ross_purnell

    Dale Fogg you are the winner. In Ed Mitchell's story "The Aquinnah Rod Company" the author's buddy Phil buys a bunch of bamboo scraps and assembles from parts an 8-weight rod he called Aquinnah #1.
    I thought that story was representative of the effort required to restore this old South Bend. Dale, please email me and I'll send the rod.

  • Neal

    I found this thread searching for <"South Bend" 359 834>. Even if mass-produced, it is a beautiful rod. Mine has the original sleeve, but it is in very weak condition. I think it's cotton and it is falling apart. Is there anything I can do to preserve the sleeve?


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