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Presenting Flies to Steelhead

Effectively Presenting Flies to Steelhead

by John Larison 0

One of my favorite parts of guiding steelhead anglers has always been watching the glowing line swing across the blue… more »

Legendary Deschutes River steelhead stay deep during the day but chase surface flies in the low light of early morning and evening. By mid-August, the river holds plenty of fish, with more arriving as the season progresses through the fall. Jim Klug photo

Steelhead In Oregon

by John Larison 0

Chasing steel in the heart of Oregon’s redband country     The Deschutes is an iconic Oregon steelhead river. It… more »

Fly Casting

Matching the Flows for Winter Steelhead

by John Larison 0

In the 19th century, fly fishers learned to match the hatch, and almost overnight fly fishing became a consistently effective… more »

Bucket Buster Fly

Bucket Buster Fly

by John Larison 0

I spend a lot of time fishing fast mountainous rivers for winter steelhead, places where the fish often hold deep… more »


Winter Steelhead Angle of Recast

by John Larison 1

Swinging flies for winter steelhead is no different, really, than casting dries to picky browns: if you cast a dry… more »

The 12' 4" 8wt Platinum retails for $575

Spey Rod Review: Beulah 12′ 4″ 8 wt Platinum Spey Rod

by John Larison 2

The spey rod market has never been so ripe with Skagit rods.  Nearly every manufacturer has a stick or two… more »


Calapooia Freedom From Dams

by John Larison 0

Freshwaters Illustrated, a Northwest-based organization dedicated to providing the pubic with an understanding of freshwater ecology, made this superb new… more »

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.52.49 AM

Winter Steelhead Film, One in Winter: By Ryan Peterson

by John Larison 1

If you want to see a soulful tour of the winter steelhead State of Jefferson, check out Ryan Peterson’s new… more »


Pink Intruder: More March Madness

by John Larison 3

This buck smacked a big pink Intruder (thanks Mr. Ward):

The pool's resident heavy.

March Madness for Steelhead

by John Larison 1

Hens swim to their gravel, do their business, and slip quietly back downstream.  Bucks, on the other hand, cruise from… more »

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