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Native Fish Society Files Suit Against NMFS and ODFW

by John Larison 0

The Native Fish Society filed suit this week in federal court against the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Oregon… more »


Product Review: Long Live the CDL

by John Larison 1

Several years back, I set up a few new spey rods with Redington’s CDL reels in the 10/11 weight size…. more »


Chinook Salmon Returns for Klamath and Sac Rivers

by John Larison 2

Fisheries managers from California and Oregon are predicting huge returns of Chinook this fall to the Klamath and Sacramento Rivers,… more »

The Elwha River.  Image courtesy of the Wild Steelhead Coalition

Elwha Steelhead Protected By Agreement, For The Moment

by John Larison 0

Here’s some good news for Elwha steelhead, hot off the digital press, from the Elwha: According to the Wild Steelhead… more »


Western Rivers Conservancy

by John Larison 1

We’re all familiar with the efforts and successes of Trout Unlimited, which works to restore and protect trout habitat.  But… more »

Considering the big questions in a run called Lost.

Is Steelheading a Sport?

by John Larison 2

A friend and I found ourselves floating a small steelhead river recently in our inflatables.  Between heavy rapids and gliding… more »

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.15.26 AM

Wild Steelhead Over-Harvest

by John Larison 0

For an enlightening summary of the over-harvest that has–and is–plaguing the recovery of wild steelhead and salmon populations, visit this… more »

Got to love 8 pound hens.

Mint Hen: a Pattern Fish Will Jump For

by John Larison 0

This fish took as the Mint Hen hit the surface–then completely cleared the water six times before coming in. Mint Hen… more »

Winter Wonderland

Product Review: Nextcast’s Winter Authority

by John Larison 0

The world of winter steelheading has gone crazy for Skagit heads, and for good reason: these shorter heads can chuck… more »

Setting up to throw a lob cast.  Notice the extra loop held in the fingers.

Sink Flies Faster for Winter Steelheads

by John Larison 2

Sometimes a matter of inches can make all the difference.  In winter steelheading, sinking a fly another foot can mean… more »

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