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Bahamas Fly Fishing Box; South Andros Bonefish

by Bruce Chard   |  January 28th, 2012 1

Bahamas Fly Fishing

This anglers fly box is loaded with popular Chardy – Andros South bonefish flies

  • White Tigers
  • Gnarly Bandits
  • Andros South Specials
  • Freaks (hot pink flies)

Toss one of these bad boys in front of any South Andros Bonefish and prepare for a hook up!

Other great flies that work well in the Bahamas are

  • Spawning Shrimps
  • Gotchas
  • Ragin Cravens
  • Pink Puffs

Load your Bahamas fly fishing box up with these bad boys and get ready for some fun!

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