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Black and White Midges and Baetis

by Lance Egan   |  March 25th, 2012 0

Spring is here which means black and white midges and Baetis are hatching and warm overcast days are the things dreams are made of (hatch wise). Overcast conditions cause hatching insects to spend more time on the water drying their wings before flying away. This makes them more vulnerable for a longer period of time, add that to the fact that low light conditions make Trout less spooky and you have the ultimate conditions for a mid-day hatch extravaganza. There is one drawback to overcast conditions, flies are harder to see due to the reduced light. Glare is everywhere, and seeing your favorite pattern, even if it is a parachute can be quite daunting. The cure; a black wing. Black is the easiest color to silhouette against the glaring gray surface of the water. Replace the white, dun or hi-vis wing on your favorite pattern with a solid black wing. A pattern sporting a black wing is the easiest to locate on the water. Try it out, I look forward to your successful fish stories.

Black and White

Black & White

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