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IF4 Comes to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  January 30th, 2014 0

If you’re serving your country overseas, you miss a lot of things from home—maybe your wife or girlfriend, your kids, or your best friend from high school. You’re also going to go without your favorite outdoor activities for the length of your deployment—there just isn’t time or the opportunity for much more than a few hours of on-base distraction. Fly fishing is just one more thing on the list of many sacrifices.
For those thousands of soldiers who are looking forward to the next time they can stand belly-deep in a river, and roll a cast across cold running water, there is a temporary cure. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is bringing fly fishing to the troops with a first-time ever showing of a fly-fishing film festival at Bagram Airfield on Feb. 1, 2014.
Forward this to every service man or woman you know—even if they don’t fly fish, IF4 will be a welcome respite from active duty and who knows, they might even take up fly fishing after they feel the excitement generated by these filmmakers.
Also at IF4, watch for the 30-second FLY FISHERMAN clip featuring Lance Egan, Charlie Craven, and Conway Bowman (to name a few). Lance and Charlie both have new FLY FISHERMAN DVDs coming out in 2014 and this trailer contains some short sneak peaks.






Fly Fishing Film Festival



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