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Email From A Reader: Here’s to Life

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  April 20th, 2012 1

Usually I get letters to the editor that deal with a topic from a previous issue. Fishing access, environmental issues, tactics and techniques—people love the opportunity to chime in, and I love to her all those viewpoints.

Yesterday I received an email from a reader about catching big brown trout in Colorado, but her story makes every fish extra special:

For the past five years, during the month of September, my husband and I head to Colorado in search of wild browns, big rainbows, and delicious beer.  We own a restaurant in northern Wisconsin and after a summer of 110-degree kitchens, high chairs, and picking up leftover food up from the floors, our salvation lies in the promise of disconnecting in wide open spaces.

However, the fall of 2010 would momentarily break our tradition . . . we were diagnosed with breast cancer.  DAMN!!  I say “we” because instead of him guiding me around every bend and being my net man, he would instead be by my side as I went through chemotherapy.

You have to understand,  he would do anything for me, including putting me in the “sweet spot” of any river we encounter, and this cancer journey would be no different.  After six treatments and a new crop of curls, this story has a happy ending. We headed west once again just a year later to chase big, wild browns. Mission accomplished!

Here’s to life . . .

—Beth Morgan


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