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Feeding Brown Trout Underwater Video Clip

by Lance Egan   |  October 7th, 2011 2

Today was the first cold fall day of the year with lots of rain, sleet and “W” (I don’t like to say the “W” word out loud due to a bit of superstition) in my part of the world.  These first cold, overcast/stormy days always make me want to toss streamers.  With that in mind, I started the day with some of my favorite streamers.  Fishing was great, and there was even a BWO hatch for an hour or so.  Streamers, dries, and nymphs all worked well for the resident Browns and Rainbows.  One pod of rising fish let me get dangerously close to them.  I took out my camera and caught about a minute of this Brown Trout feeding in the shallows before I bumped a rock and sent him on his way.  Check out this video, clarity is so-so, but it is interesting to see how close this fish allowed me to get.  He almost runs into the camera near the end of the clip as he recovers from a rise.  GO FISH!

Underwater Brown Trout Clip


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