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Fish Landing Tips and Tricks!

by Bruce Chard   |  October 1st, 2011 0
Fish Landing

Louis Cahill Photo

When fish landing either from a skiff or by wading, it’s important to remember not to real the fish to close to the tip of the rod when actually reaching for the leader to land the fish.

This is when most fly rod tips break. The rod tip is not designed to bend straight back towards the reel.  If you don’t give yourself enough line outside the tips to create a wide arc on the rod as you reach for the leader you might put too much bend in the tip section and break your tip.

Check out the picture of the angler above.  His arm is extending out as to help create a larger arc with the rod.  This tactic with the combination of a longer amount of line outside the tip will put much less stress on the tip section of your rod during fish landing.

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