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Flies for the Rapid

by John Randolph   |  November 9th, 2011 0

Here are the details on some of the most effective flies for the Rapid River. For more information on the river itself, see “Rapid River Brookies” in the Oct-Dec 2011 issue (on sale now).

For a detailed map of the river and its many named pools, see the printable .pdf file on the site


Rapid River Stimulator

Hook: Curved nymph hook #6-12

Thread: black

Tail: small bunch of deer hair

Body: Orange or yellow foam strip, palmered with dyed grizzly dun hackle to wing tie-in point.

Wing: Sparse bunch of deer or elk hair extended to length of tail.

Body-head: Opposite color foam to head, then over hackle with dark brown cock saddle hackle.


Rapid River Alder

Hook: Dry Fly 2XL #10-14

Thread: Brown

Tail: Rusty brown dubbing with brown palmereed hackle, trimmed flat on top.

Wing: Folded brown turkey wing fibers, shaped into tent, lacquered.

Hackle: Optional

Antenna: Optional, fine boar fibers, 1.5 times body length.



CDC Caddis

Hook: Standard dry fly #12-18, thread to match body color; Body, cdc spun and trimmed to desired body shape and size; Wings, two green cdc feathers tied one on top of the other with stem point at head, then pulled forward to desired wing length. No further dressing required.


Simple Strawman

Hook: Standard dry fly #12-18.

Thread: Cream, orange or charteuse.

Body: Twist 3 or 4 natural tan peacock herls and wrap shank of hook. Alternate clipped deer hair spun around shank.

(Weight with lead-free wire optional) For spikey appearance coat lightly with head cement.


Elk-hair Caddis

It can be fished in the standard way or cut the wing, leaving a small portion of wing pad so the fly suspends, with just the pad and hackle floating, creating the illusion of a caddis trying to emerge and wings to unfold before lift-off from the surface.


All White Mayfly

Good late-evening summer fly at the lower portion of Pond in the River.

Hook: Standard dry fly #20.

Thread: White 8/0

Tail: White fibers

Body: White dubbing

Wing: (optional) White clump

Hackle: White


Stonefly Nymphs

Hook: 2-3 XL wet fly #6-16

Thread: Black 6/0

Weight: lead wire 9optional)

Body: Black dubbing

Tail: Black turkey biots

Rib: Black Larva Lace or V-rib

Antenna: Black turkey biots

Wing Case: Black turkey slip

Legs: Dark partridge

Thorax: Black dubbing


Stimulators (Orange and Yellow)

Hook: Tiemco 200R #6-16

Thread: Hot orange

Tail: Dark elk hair

Abdomen: Orange Antron dubbing palmered with brown saddle

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