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Fly Line Section Break Down

by Bruce Chard   |  November 26th, 2011 0

Fly Line

Believe it or not, understanding all the different fly lines and there tapers can help you catch more fish.  Some lines are designed for casting distance while some are designed for casting bigger flies and so on.  There are 4 different sections of a fly line, all of which are different lengths and diameters. These different lengths and diameters make all the difference in the world when fishing different length leaders and different sized flies.

Here is a breakdown of the different sections of a fly line.

  • Front taper
  • Rear taper
  • Belly
  • Running line
  • Head of the fly line – the head of the fly line is the front taper, belly and rear taper combined.

I will be breaking down all of these sections and explaining them in detail in future posts so stay tuned.

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