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Giant Brown Trout of the Ngongy

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  February 28th, 2014 2
Giant Brown Trout

Tola Chin, Jr., and Karl Piatek enjoying another big brown trout on the Ngongy. Ross Purnell photo

My plane had barely landed and already Tola Chin had a video of our adventures posted on YouTube. I just got back from a 12-day trout of the North and South islands and finished the trip staying with Tola at his home on the banks of the Ngongotaha Stream. We fished giant brown trout with guide Kiyoshi Nakagawa—the one-time national fly-fishing champion of New Zealand and master of the Czech nymphing technique—and Rene Vaz, a fly-fishing tackle distributor for brands such as Simms and Scott Fly Rods.
Tola it turns out, is not only an exceptional host and fly fisher, he’s quick on the video editing. Here are a few of his highlights from the “Ngongy”—a cold, clear spring creek tributary of Lake Rotorua that is simply packed with giant brown trout.


Brother Rivers Brown Trout

A few summers ago, I woke up flat on my back. My mouth and throat had the rawness that is the gift of open-mouthed sleep...

Great Lakes Brown Trout

Brown Town

Run TimingFall, winter, and spring are by far the most opportune times to focus on lake-run browns, but dont rule out...


Mastering the Mouse

TYING STEPSHelp me, Minnie! Help! guide Tom Provost squeaked in his mock Mickey Mouse voice. Ive fallen in the river and...


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