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It Is Winter

by Lance Egan   |  January 10th, 2012 0

One of the few things I remember from watching the Red Green Show a few times is Red saying “it is winter”. Why I remember I’ll never know, but it randomly applies here ;)

Winter is a time when all but the hardcore anglers hang up their waders and wait for warmer water and air temps. Those willing to brave the elements find willing Trout and rivers that are significantly less crowded compared to the warm months. Today I read a great article in the current Fly Fisherman Magazine (Feb.-Mar. 2012) by Pat Dorsey, Fly Fisherman Magazine’s Southwest Field Editor. In the article Pat walks us through the “Secret Season”. His article focuses on tailwater fisheries and explains why the fishing stays productive as well as Pat’s favorite tactics. It is a worthwhile read. Pick up a copy and get revved for some winter water time.

Winter Water

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