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Midge Sipper: Living On The Edge

by Lance Egan   |  February 12th, 2012 3

MidgeThis short video shows how adjusting the angle of your approach can improve the drift of your offering.  At the beginning of the video I’m near the center of the river and I’ve spotted a couple of Trout sipping midges on the left bank (looking upstream).  Rather than cast from the spot where I first spotted the Trout I opt to wade to the left bank, stay low and use the slow current on the edge of the river to my advantage.  If I were to cast from mid-river my fly line would land in the fastest current which would quickly create drag.  By laying the fly line down in water as slow as the water in which the fish are feeding my presentation is improved and after a few casts the fish takes my dry.

This is simple, but we often overlook the little details that improve presentation and catch fish.  Be mobile and use every advantage the river gives you.

Go fish!


Midge Sipper: Living On The Edge

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