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New Home for Catskill Rodmakers

by John Randolph   |  March 14th, 2012 0

The Catskill Fly Fishing center and Museum will break ground on April 1, 2012 for a 5,000 square-foot addition to its headquarters on the Willowemoc in Rosco, NY to house the Catskill Rodmakers Workshop  and Heritage Craft Center.  It will have a fully operational bamboo rodmaking shop, with an area for historical rodmaking equipment and artrificasts. It will also have an area dedicated to the “arts of the angler” with weekly scheduled programs to include reel making, fly tying, net making, photography, carving, painting, writers’ workshops, and temporary exhibits. The ground breaking will mark the Opening Day of the New York trout season with celebrations at the CFFCM, including a bamboo rod casting clinic, fly tying demos and attendance by actor OleK Krupka; multi Grammy Award nominee, musician, and musical producer and director Lawrence Hobgood; and actor, producer, director, and screenwriter Mark Ruffalo.


The Wulff gallery will be open on the upper level of the addition and will include exhibits of Lee and Joan Wulff, featuring permanent and temporary exhibits. The area will also include a library in a multi-purpose meeting room for seminars, festivals, classes, programs and lectures related to fly fishing. The addition to the CFFCM campus is a joint project under the stewardship of the members of the Catskill Rodmakers Gathering, southern Rod Gathering, Joan Wulff and the CFFCM.

The Catskill annual Rodmakers Gathering will be held there Sept. 8-9 and reservations are required.

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