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Snow Pack in the Rockies

by Lance Egan   |  February 14th, 2012 0

Winter is fading fast, although not fast enough for me.  It has been a strange winter in much of the west, warmer than normal and with less snow pack in most locales.  Luckily last years surplus of water is still being held in many western reservoirs, without them the summer of 2012 could get a little skinny, water-wise that is…

Current snow packs are building slightly with some recent storms but much of the west is still dry.  Current snow water percentages are as follows:

Colorado 72% of normal
Idaho 76% of normal
Montana 90% of normal
New Mexico 93% of normal
Utah 65% of normal
Wyoming 86% of normal

These are statewide totals, so keep in mind many drainage’s have significantly less snow than the statewide average.

Lets hope for a wet February & March since snow pack usually builds until April 1st. Then it starts to diminish.

Drought, flood or somewhere between, it’s good for the soul to be on the water.

Snow Pack

Winterized Small Stream

Go fish…

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