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Super Shallow Bonefish – Bahamas Style

by Bruce Chard   |  January 6th, 2012 0

South Andros Island in the Bahamas I believe offers some of the best shallow bonefish fly fishing in the world.  This photo is proof.  Have you ever sight fished to bones in barley ankle deep water.  For real?  These shallow bonefish are caught up in the endless miles of back water bays and creeks.  This area is unlike any other bonefishing territory I have ever seen.  Accessible only by foot these flats go for ever and yes the water is the shallowest bonefishing water possible.

Andros South Bonefish Lodge is the only lodge that can take you to these areas deep into the back country.  Pack your lunch and water bottle because once you leave the boat behind there is no going back for hours.  This march for bones is some of the most fun you can have in the salt.

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