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Tarpon School in The Florida Keys

by Bruce Chard   |  March 18th, 2012 1

The Florida Keys is known for the best shallow water sight fishing for tarpon in the world.  What a better place to host the Yellow Dog Tarpon School.

Your host will be Capt Bruce Chard a master certified fly casting instructor with over 21 years of fly fishing for tarpon experience.

Topics that you will cover are

  • Sight fishing tactics
  • Fly Presentation
  • Leader construction
  • Fish fighting Techniques
  • Fishing the fly
  • Tarpon habitat
  • Salt water fly casting basic – advanced

And much more.

The dates of the Tarpon school were strategically chosen to offer student anglers peak season days during the famous annual tarpon migration.  There is no other time of year that there are more tarpon on the flats in the Florida Keys.

For more information on the Yellow Dog Tarpon School email Capt Bruce Chard or check out the Yellow Dog Site.

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