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Teeny’s Salmon of a Lifetime

by John Randolph   |  September 16th, 2011 1
Jim Teeny

Jim Teeny and his 40-inch Atlantic salmon caught in Iceland Aug. 10.

Jimmy Teeny, who turned 66 in August, made his first trip to Iceland for Atlantic salmon this summer and he caught the largest salmon taken in that country this season (as of August 26). His report is as follows: “The river was the Sela, the date August 10, 2011 when I landed the 102 cm (40-inch) Atlantic that we estimated between 23.5 and 25 pounds.  My weapon was my Jim Teeny 10-foot rod for 8-weight line. I fished my Teeny Tip Taper 175 line to catch that salmon and used in addition my Nymph Tip line and 3- to 4-foot leaders, with 15-pound tippets, on gin-clear waters to take a total of 27 salmon for the week of fishing. I caught my largest salmon in the same run where President George H.W. Bush caught his largest fish in 1995.  It was a trip of a lifetime thanks to Chad and Wes. Great people, food, and great fishing. My hat is off to Orri Vigfusson and the fine job he is doing, and has done, to save the Atlantic salmon of the North Atlantic for everyone.”


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