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The Bonefish School

by Bruce Chard   |  January 10th, 2012 0

Bonefish School

The Bahamas are known for some of the best fly fishing for bonefish in the world.  Huge numbers of fish and endless square miles of prime bonefish habitat make this area a prime location for a fly fishing school.

The Bonefish School is held at the famous Andros South Bonefishing Lodge in the Bahamas.  Miles of shallow crystal clear water winding through endless back country creeks and bays makes this the perfect location for fly anglers to learn the art of fly fishing for bonefish.

This school is one of a kind and is known in the industry as the top school to learn the art of fly fishing for bonefish.  Every school has been sold out for over 15 years and many Bonefish School anglers return year after year.

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