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The Circle Of Life Subsurface

by Lance Egan   |  October 18th, 2011 1

You never know what you might come across while fishing.  While floating a western tailwater above a reservoir with a good population of Kokanee Salmon (landlocked Sockeye) I found many “Kokes” that had spawned, kicked the bucket and drifted their way into the slow edges and back eddies of the river.  While grabbing a bite to eat in one eddy my friend Nate Miller noticed a Crayfish utilizing a deceased Salmon for lunch meat.  I grabbed the camera and interrupted the Crayfish’s lunch.  See the video here:


This river has a healthy population of Crayfish, and there are always parts of them near the river edges as birds use them as a food source.  I’ve also taken Trout on Crayfish imitations in this system so I know the fish take advantage of the Crustaceans.  In this case, the tables have turned and the Crayfish are getting revenge on a Salmonid.  I guess we aren’t the only creatures that like the taste of Salmon…..although I do prefer mine a bit less deteriorated…;)


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