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Cognac Fly

by Bruce Chard   |  April 16th, 2012 1

Captain Mike Hennessy has come up with some KILLER new fly patterns, new to the industry.  Mikes innovative flies look great and actually swim correctly in the water (which can be tuff to find in most salt water flies) and most of all the fish like them.  And not any fish.  The most difficult bonefish in the world to catch love them. 

Capt Mike – “The 10,000-hour rule has brought the COGNAC FLY SERIES to the edge of perfection for all predators on the flats. Sink rate, swimming action, and intrinsic motion of each fly will bring your hook up ratio through the roof….reef!!

All flies are tied on Gamakatsu SL11-3H and SL12 hooks, which have the perfect wire size to strength ratio and for maximum penetration of large inshore species.”

For more info on the Cognac fly contact Capt Mike Hennessy


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