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Trout Fishing In North Carolina

by Lance Egan   |  October 23rd, 2011 0

Let me guess, you’re thinking “what is the Rockies blogger doing in North Carolina?”  First, for all the Western anglers, yes, North Carolina really does have good Trout fishing.  My last trip to the Smokies provided me with a 24.5 inch chunk of a brown.  The next time you travel for business or pleasure, do a little online research to explore the angling opportunities near your destination.  Even if it isn’t as good as your home water, it is still fishing!

Hopefully when I return home I’ll have a few nice shots to share of the Carolina rivers and their inhabitants.  Until then you’ll have to settle with my grip and grin (I forgot the grin part :)) from the last trip.

Trout fishing

A nice Brown from the Nantahala


Also of note is this native fish.  Can you guess the name?

Trout fishing

It’s a Hornyhead Chub

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