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Tungsten Rainbow Warrior: The Fly Of Choice Part 2

by Lance Egan   |  September 24th, 2011 1

The next fly of choice commonly found in my fly box is the Tungsten Rainbow Warrior.  This pattern was the first of my Umpqua Signature Patterns and to date is the most popular.  The Warrior has taken Trout in nearly every piece of moving water I’ve fished for more than a decade.  It works in colored water as well as clear water despite its flashy design.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post about the Iron Lotus, many of my patterns have a red thread collar or “hot spot” just behind the bead.  Contrasting colors can work as a trigger to provoke strikes.  Most “hot spots” are made with a bright colored thread, dubbing or floss in red, pink, orange or chartreuse.

The Rainbow Warrior is so poorly named that most anglers remember it ;)  Its flashy body and rainbow sow scud dubbing (wapsi product) imitate nothing in particular yet the pattern is routinely taken by all species of Trout.  I find it most effective when Trout are feeding on midge larva and pupa or if there are scuds, sow bugs (cress bugs) or mysis in the waterway.  That said, it produces very well at times for no reason at all.  Get it wet, get it down and let the fish do the rest!

Tungsten Rainbow Warrior

Hook:  TMC 2457 or 2487 #12-22

Bead:  Silver Tungsten

Thread:  Red UTC 70

Tail:  Pheasant tail fibers

Abdomen:  Pearl mylar tinsel

Thorax:  Rainbow sow scud dubbing

Wingcase:  Pearl mylar tinsel

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