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Water Hauling Salt Water Casting Technique

by Bruce Chard   |  March 8th, 2012 1

Water Hauling

Water Hauling is a salt water casting technique that many have not been exposed to.  The technique is used mostly when strong winds are present on your casting side and when you cannot get away with more than one false cast without eating the fly.

When facing strong winds, to make more than one false cast with our dropping your fly line in the water can create a dangerous situation.  Learning how to drop the fly line in the water on every forward cast and then using the water as you pick your line up off the water help load your rod is what we call water hauling.  This helps to load the rod quickly and create much needed high line speed to help cut through the wind.

Water hauling is known as an advanced technique but is definitely needed for some successful heavy wind salt water presentations.

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