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Waterways and The Lessons They Teach

by Lance Egan   |  September 6th, 2011 4

WaterwaysBack in high school, all I could do was think about fly fishing.  One of my teachers (my math teacher and fellow fly fisher) told my mother during a parent teacher conference “if Lance spent half as much time thinking about school as he does fly fishing he’d have straight A’s”.  Unfortunately he was right although I did read fly fishing magazines at a 12th grade level ;).  At that time the only magazine I read was Fly Fisherman.  I kept up with every issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine to learn about the latest technique, hatch, fly pattern and newly discovered river.  While my traditional school studies have taken a back seat to this addiction, learning all I can about fly fishing has been a lifelong endeavor for me.  I’m now flattered to be part of the best fly fishing publication available.  I can’t wait to share some of the discoveries and breakthrough’s I’ve had as an avid angler.  This is my first blog post for what I hope will be a long term relationship with Fly Fisherman Magazine and you, it’s readers.  As I share some of the lessons our waterways have taught me, my hope is that you will find substance mixed with fun as we attempt to conquer the never ending learning process that is fly fishing.

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