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5 Best Trout Fishing Spots in the World

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Whether I’m at a fishing lodge, a boat ramp parking lot, a riverside campfire, or an airport terminal in a… more »

Fly Fishing

5 Proven Wet-Fly Methods for Steelhead

by Dana Sturn 0

There’s no finer moment 
in autumn fly fishing than the near-surface take of a wild steelhead. While some gush about… more »

FFMP-170900-LOW-002.jpg: FFMP-170900-LOW-002.jpg:

Nymphing: Low & Slow

by Lance Egan 0

The best tip for fishing current is to consistently present a team of nymphs low and slow near the riverbed…. more »

FFMP-170900-MIG-001.jpg: FFMP-170900-MIG-001.jpg:

Montana Fly Fishing As It Was

by Jessica Mcglothlin 0

The big-boned bay gelding barely spared a glance as we dug out a 5-weight from the pack mule’s panniers. He… more »

Silver Sea Trout

Silver Sea Trout

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

There are many places in the world where the fishing isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. Most… more »

Pennsylvania Trout

Pennsylvania Trout

by Henry Ramsay 0

When Fly Fishers talk about fly fishing in Pennsylvania, several different thoughts come to mind. It is a state that… more »

California Eel River

California Eel River is making a Comeback

by MIchael Wier 0

What happened to the Eel River? “It’s not worth even going there anymore, all the fish are gone.” This was… more »

Scenic Cache la Poudre

Wild & Scenic Cache la Poudre

by Ken McCoy 0

In the early 1820s, a group of fur traders heading from St. Louis, Missouri to Green River, Wyoming, decided to… more »

Big Tailwater Browns

Flies and Strategies for Big Tailwater Browns

by Blane Chocklett 0

The access points are already busy at 7 a.m. as guides and their clients prepare to fish in time for… more »

Sea-run brook trout in Hudson Bay

Aurora Fontinalis: Sea-run brook trout in Hudson Bay tributaries

by Brian Irwin 0

No one.” That was Stewart Webber’s response when I asked who else had fished the upper Menahook River, south of… more »

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