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Taimen in Mongolia

Fly Fishing for Taimen in Mongolia

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Special Event: World premiere of the documentary One Path: The Race to save Mongolia’s giant salmonids Nov. 4, 2018, at… more »


Why a Native Fish Coalition?

by Ted Williams 0

For most Americans, including the majority of anglers, fisheries managers, and environmental groups, fish don’t count as wildlife. Fish are… more »

Dan Vermillion Guide School

Dan Vermillion is Training Future Riverkeepers

by Hilary Hutcheson 0

From the rooter to the pooter.” It’s a phrase used by BBQ pork aficionados, and translates to using all parts… more »

Yellowstone River

Legal Victory for the Yellowstone

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

  Opponents of a proposed mine near the entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Montana’s Paradise Valley won a  legal victory… more »


Who will be 2019 Conservationist of the Year?

by Fly Fisherman 0

Sandy Moret 2018 Conservationist of the Year In 1981 Moret was the first president of the Everglades Protection Association, which… more »

Thompson River steelhead are now officially considered endangered under Canada's Species At Risk Act (SARA). Russell Miller photo

Thompson River Steelhead Now Officially Endangered

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

  In the April-May 2018 issue of Fly Fisherman (on sale now) we reported that Thompson River steelhead are on… more »


Sandy Moret: 2018 Conservationist of the Year

by Sarah Grigg 0

America’s sugar lobby is one of the fiercest and most powerful on Capitol Hill. Everglades National Park is one of… more »

summer camp 126

Fly Fisherman Conservationist of the Year Finalists

by Sarah Grigg 0

It’s almost time to pick a winner. We looked at more than 50 nominations, and our selection committee very carefully… more »


Nominate: Conservationist of the Year

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

There are many great conservation organizations out there working to protect our fisheries, and we all know their names: Wild… more »

Capt. Eric Newman in what used to be a marsh made of roseau cane.

Invasive Aphids are Destroying the Best Redfish Marshes on the Planet

by Jonathan Wright 0

A mysterious agricultural pest is laying waste to the coastline of Louisiana, and the potential consequences are dire.  The plague… more »

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