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Guanaja Bonefish

by President Jimmy Carter 0

Rebuilding the mangrove ecosystem of a Honduras flats paradise My wife, Rosalynn, and I were in Argentina in October 1998… more »


Exploring the Uinta Mountains

by Brett Prettyman 0

Utah’s largest wilderness area remains mostly untapped by fly fishers Some anglers spend their lives trying different waters to soak… more »


Redfish in Texas’ Laguna Madre

by Brian Irwin 0

Visiting Arroyo City, Texas, feels like you’re at the end of the earth. The small hamlet rests at the terminus… more »


Brook Trout In Maine’s Wilderness

by Bob Mallard 1

Growing up in Massachusetts, my first exposure to trout was fishing for stocked rainbows in suburban warmwater lakes. I later… more »


Tigerfish of Tanzania: The Day It Happened

by Oliver White 0

One of the things fly fishers are always looking for are moments of sublime greatness when it all comes together…. more »


Exploring Vermont’s White River

by Brad yoder 0

The fly just tickled the water’s surface when it disappeared into what seemed like a washtub-size boil. Jeff set the… more »


Manitoba Fly Fishing In The Great Parkland

by Larry Tullis 0

There is nothing quite like the expectation of casting flies from a pontoon boat into a reed-lined trough where big… more »


New Zealand Fly Fishing: Lord of the Rings

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

On my knees in the grass, it was impossible for me to actually see the trout. Ed Halson had a… more »

Trout use shadow edges to conceal themselves and feed, just as they would in a transition seam from slow to fast water. Joe Mahelr illustration

Hunting Trout in the Shadows

by Ross Purnell, Editor 2

Trout use shadows for concealment and for feeding, and it’s a particularly important feature on small streams with large trout…. more »


Fly Fishing Washington

by Joey Mara & Daniel Silverberg 1

Washington is a tale of two states. The western half conjures up visions of temperate rainforests filled with raging rivers… more »

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