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Coastal Rivers of Costa Rica

Chasing Freshwater Machaca In The Coastal Rivers of Costa Rica

by Oliver White 0

Nothing beats bumming around foreign countries looking for adventure. When the folks at Howler Brothers invited me to Costa Rica… more »

Still photo from the BBC series Blue Planet II.

Giant Trevally Eating Terns

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

When I wrote the story “Freaky Farquhar” in the Aug-Sep 2016 issue of FLY FISHERMAN, my introduction focused on the… more »

Pennsylvania Trout

Philadelphia Trout

by Henry Ramsay 0

When Fly Fishers talk about fly fishing in Pennsylvania, several different thoughts come to mind. It is a state that… more »

Beth Sweeting photo

The Hidden Honey Holes of Guyana

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

The fishing in Rewa, Guyana, is spectacular—you’re hunting the biggest scaled freshwater fish in the world, and they are often in… more »

The Upper Rio Grande

The Upper Rio Grande: Colorado’s best-kept Secret

by Jonathan Wright 0

Standing beside the crumbling adobe barn across the river, the old mule eyed me with contempt. I was wading mid-current… more »

Scenic Cache la Poudre

Wild & Scenic Cache la Poudre

by Ken McCoy 0

In the early 1820s, a group of fur traders heading from St. Louis, Missouri to Green River, Wyoming, decided to… more »

Capt. Eric Newman in what used to be a marsh made of roseau cane.

Invasive Aphids are Destroying the Best Redfish Marshes on the Planet

by Jonathan Wright 0

A mysterious agricultural pest is laying waste to the coastline of Louisiana, and the potential consequences are dire.  The plague… more »

American River California

American River California

by MIchael Wier 0

I grew up in the Sacramento area, and first started fishing the American River with my dad when I was… more »


Playing God in the Great Lakes

by Karl Weixlmann 0

Removing a dam on the Catt is (possibly) a good idea First there were the alewives, plankton-feeding pelagic baitfish that migrated… more »

Guide Jeff Forsee and Fly Fisherman editor Ross Purnell with a 55-inch taimen from the Delger River.

The Beast from the Delger

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

[This is an short excerpt from the feature story “The One Path” in the Feb.Mar. 2017 issue of Fly Fisherman…. more »

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