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Sacramento River California

Sacramento River California

by Fly Fisherman 0

Mark Twain famously said “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” After several years of drought, his words… more »

The FlyCastaway lodge at Farquhar Atoll, April 2016

Cyclone Fantala Lays Waste to Fly-Fishing Paradise

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

When I wrote the final words of my story “Freaky Farquhar,” (coming July 1 in FLY FISHERMAN magazine) I felt I… more »

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.22.57 PM

Desert Oasis

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Texas is hot, dry, and inhospitable for most outdoorsmen—unless of course you’re floating or knee deep in a desert oasis like the… more »


Fly Fishing Bolivia

by Sarah Grigg 0

The conquistadors were right—there is treasure hidden deep within the jungle. Spaniard Francisco de Orellana wasn’t the first European to… more »


Indian Peaks Wilderness Area Colorado

by Steven B. Schweitzer 0

Backcountry dry-fly fishing in Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Just a crow’s flight west of Boulder, Colorado lies one of… more »

Venezuela Fly Fishing

Venezuela Fly Fishing

by Oliver White 0

Venezuela fly fishing makes most people think of tailing bonefish on white pancake flats, or marlin and sailfish off La… more »


Jefferson River Rising

by Tom Reed 0

Forgotten. Ignored. Overlooked. Spurned. Maybe even scorned. Montana’s Jefferson River has never had much of a reputation among fishermen. The… more »


Your Guide To International Fly Fishing

by Brian Irwin 0

  Photographer Jim Klug, founder of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, was deep in the Bolivian jungle fishing for golden dorado…. more »

Manitoba Brook Trout

Manitoba Brook Trout

by Brian Irwin 1

Lou Durocher is a relaxed pilot. He’s been flying bush and float planes into the wilderness of Manitoba, Canada, for… more »

Legendary Deschutes River steelhead stay deep during the day but chase surface flies in the low light of early morning and evening. By mid-August, the river holds plenty of fish, with more arriving as the season progresses through the fall. Jim Klug photo

Steelhead In Oregon

by John Larison 0

Chasing steel in the heart of Oregon’s redband country     The Deschutes is an iconic Oregon steelhead river. It… more »

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