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Stripers Love Squid In The Rips

by John Field 0

The scene of jumping squid and striped bass recurs in my imagination when I’m off the water, and has kept… more »

Sight Fishing Stripers

Sight Fishing Stripers

by Alan Caolo 0

The same sight-fishing excitement that has captivated bonefish and tarpon anglers for decades is now mesmerizing striper anglers from Long… more »



by Harry Murray 0

The completion of the Skyline Drive in 1934 granted visitors access to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and… more »


Long Island Fly Fishing Triangle

by John Field 3

News travels fast. I received a long-awaited call from my friend Doug, who told me that the Brown Drake hatch… more »

Deerfield River

The New Deerfield River

by Tom Keer 0

When anglers talk about the Deerfield River, they discuss its trout-filled stretches in western Massachusetts near the Vermont line. But… more »

New Jersey Fly Fishing

New Jersey Fly Fishing

by Capt. Jim Freda 0

The 127 miles of the New Jersey shore are home to a vast array of rock jetties and groins that have… more »

A male Hendrickson dun (E. subvaria)

Hendricksons Hatch A Month Early

by Paul Weamer 7

  Well, it’s official.  Winter has ended.  The biggest snowstorm in Central Pennsylvania occurred in October, so it’s not like… more »

Orvis Waders

Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing on WFN

by Paul Weamer 1

Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing on WFN: World Fishing Network Gives Novice Anglers a Weekly Fly Fishing Lesson DENVER, March… more »

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.04.45 PM

Mayfly Justice: Nerdy Bug Humor

by Paul Weamer 1

Very funny…if you like nerdy bug humor like I do. Mayfly Justice


Health Concerns Caused by the Fracking Industry

by Paul Weamer 3

From the By Peter Mantius, on March 9th, 2012 Highlights: After natural gas drilling began near their rural homes… more »

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