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by Paul Weamer   |  October 17th, 2011 6


There are two new books that I plan to purchase (a description of the second book can be found in my next blog about Al Caucci’s new book).  In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I’m friends with both of the authors.  I don’t think that colors my opinion of their works but you might, so that’s why I mention it.

The first is George Daniel’s Dynamic Nymphing (Yes, it’s Daniel’s not Daniels’.  Everyone wants to put an “S” at the end of George’s name).  George is my assistant manager at the TCO State College fly shop and a good friend.  I’ve watched his project from beginning to end, even reading through parts of his manuscript and peering through his photos.  George’s book is thorough, well written, and full of terrific photos and illustrations (by David Hall) to best demonstrate his methods.  It covers nearly all facets of nymph fishing, and I believe that it may be one of the most comprehensive nymphing texts that has ever been written.   His discussions of  European nymphing methods are a must for everyone who wants to expand their skills into this popular style.  And no one in the United State knows this topic better than George.  His experiences competing for the U.S. Fly fishing Team have taken him around the world, allowing him to watch and learn these methods first-hand.  Here’s a brief synopsis of George’s book from Stackpole Books and the TCO web site:

  • Advanced tight line nymphing tactics, including Czech, Polish, French, Spanish, and American techniques
  • Rigging and fishing dry and droppers, curly Qs, and conventional indicators
  • Fishing the extremes: shallow water, cold weather, high water, wind
  • Casting and technique sequences that include tuck cast, bow and arrow cast, as well as elevating and leading when tight line nymphing.
  • 62 nymph patterns

          George’s book is scheduled to hit the shelves in January, but rumor has it that we may see it a little sooner than that.  This hard cover book is 248 pages and retails for $39.95.  For those of you that want to be the first on your block to own it, signed an inscribed, you can pre-order it from the TCO web site here:

Or pre-order it from here:

Winter is coming.  It’s time to put those dry flies away and pull out the nymphs.  I’ve had the oportunity to fish with many great anglers, and George may be the best nymph fisherman I’ve ever seen.  His Dynamic Nymphing is sure to help you be a better nymph fisher too.

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