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Fishing Regulations For Rhode Island and Pennsylvania

by Paul Weamer   |  December 27th, 2011 0

Rhode Island has become the third eastern state (Vermont and Maryland) to ban the use of felt wading soles.  Alaska has also banned felt soles in its waters.   The Rhode Island ban, an attempt to slow the spread of invasive organisms, applies to both fresh and salt water.   Here’s the link to the Rhode Island DEM’s fishing regulations for the 2012-2013 season:

1.17 It is prohibited that any person use foot gear with external felt soles in any state

waters, inclusive of freshwater, tidal, or marine. This shall include any waters

shared with adjacent states in which any Rhode Island Fishing Regulations apply.


Pennsylvania has abolished its requirement to display a back-tag license while hunting and trapping.  The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is currently discussing the same action for fishing.  Currently, Pennsylvania anglers have to display their fishing licenses.  But bordering states such as New York do not require anglers or hunters to display licenses.  Any change to the Pennsylvania law is unlikely to occur until the 2013 season.  For more information, read the following link:


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