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East Coast Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Infection Spreads To Adults

by Paul Weamer   |  February 23rd, 2012 5

Profoundly sad news on the health of the Lower Susquehanna River from Lancasteronline. A smallmouth infection is spreading.

Originally  Published Feb 13, 2012
By AD CRABLE, Outdoor Trails Staff Writer

“For seven years now, the litany of diseased, intersex smallmouth bass and sudden fish kills on the Lower Susquehanna River has alarmed anyone who fishes or cares about the mighty river. Alas, it’s getting worse.

 Fishing in the warm-water discharge area near the Brunner  Island power plant in December, 28-year-old Joe Raymond caught about 15 adult  smallmouths with the dreaded sores and lesions that have become so common on  juvenile bass.
That’s significant because, until now, the die-offs and  bacterial smallmouth infections that befell stressed fish had only been observed in  juvenile smallmouths, except for a few isolated adults.”
Read more here:

Smallmouth Infection

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