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by Paul Weamer   |  October 31st, 2011 2


Sunrise on the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY.


The first Great Lakes Steelhead Expo will be taking place on Saturday, November 5 from 1 to 9 p.m. at the Rainbow Gardens Convention Center in Erie, PA.  It sounds like a great event, and it could be bundled with a fishing trip too.  Go to the event Saturday and spend Sunday fishing the many PA or NY tribs for steelies.  We’ve been getting a lot of very good fishing reports from the Great Lakes tribs in the fly shop recently.  The steelhead are running.  It’s time for a trip!

Here’s a brief synopsis of the event from their website:

The Great Lakes Steelhead Expo taking place on November 5th, 2011, is an event centered on the steelhead fishing experience in the great lakes.  We are a group of conservation minded fishermen and women who are dedicated to protecting the water and resources that make our fishing experiences possible.  We will have the top vendors and companies on hand to show you the latest and greatest fishing products, guides to tell you about their fisheries, local clubs doing fly tying, casting and more, as well as folks from the various fish and wildlife services that represent the great lakes.
For more information, go here:
And, just because a blog doesn’t look very interesting without a couple photos, here are two from my guiding days on Cattaraugus Creek. 
                                  This one shows client Charlie Schoettler with a nice fish

I even got to catch a few between clients



For some reason, the last photo became a little blurry when I re-sized it.  But then again, my guiding days are now little more than a blurry haze, so I guess it fits.

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