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How To Be Successful Fly Fishing Shorelines

by Landon Mayer 0

By: Landon Mayer The sun is bright, glaring off the water’s surface, forming distinct viewing lanes in clear water as long… more »


Fishing Tips: Getting Kids Hooked On Fly Fishing

by Tom Rosenbauer 1

Passionate fly fishers dream of having their kids turn into their best fishing buddies. It often doesn’t happen at all,… more »


Fly Casting: Overcoming the Tailing Loop

by Barny Wong 0

The dreaded tailing loop is a common casting fault that visits all fly casting anglers one time or another—often when… more »


My ‘Secret’ Fly Line

by Dave and Emily Whitlock 2

Photos, and illustrations by: Dave & Emily Whitlock The sight of a fly line in the air or on or below… more »


Nymph Rods

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Don’t Pidgeonhole the Nymph Game Euro nymphing. Czech nymphing. High-sticking. Tight-line nymphing. We’re fly fishers, and as our boxes of… more »


Fly Tying: Hollow Fleyes

by David W. Skok 0

One of the greatest fly tying challenges has always been creating a large nonfouling fly, with a profile similar to a… more »


Fly Hatch: Hatchmatching Made Easy

by Ben Ardito 0

What are they taking?” It’s one of fly fishing’s most frequently asked questions, and for some anglers, the search for… more »


Goddard’s 20 Fly Tying Tips

by D. L. Goddard 0

Manual dexterity, fly-tying techniques, and skill come from observation and lots of practice. Good fly design comes from imagination and… more »


Finding Fish: Reading the Water

by Fly Fisherman 0

Finding fish is the first step to a successful outing. In moving water, predatory fish hold in the same types… more »


Top Spey Line Options

by Fly Fisherman 0

One of the most complicated aspects of two-handed rods is line selection. There is such a wide variety of choices… more »

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