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FLYBENCH for the iPhone

by Fly Fisherman   |  August 28th, 2012 1

FlyBench, from FlyFisherman, is the portable and definitive guide to tying Flies, beginning with the Foundation Forty. The best of the Fly Fisherman Foundation 40 Flies comes directly to your iPhone and iPod Touch! Recipes, photos, step-by-step instructions and videos guide you through the process of tying the sport’s best flies.

+ FlyBench contains detailed images and information on 40 flies
+ Zoom and pan high resolution fly photos to see all of the details
+ Step by Step instructions, with optional audio narration, provides concise instructions for tying your flies.
+ High quality video provides unbelievable details and in-depth instruction on tying these flies.
+ Master Fly Tier Charlie Craven provides insight and his tricks of the trade to help you master these flies in no time.
+ Record your personal notes for each fly


FlyBench Lite is FREE
+ 40 photos / recipes
+ 1 step-by-step
+ 1 video
+ Free photo / recipe updates for 1 year

FlyBench Standard is priced at $4.99
+ 40 photos / recipes
+ 10 step-by-steps
+ 10 videos
+ Free photo / recipe updates for 1 year

FlyBench Premium is priced at $24.99
+ 40 photos / recipes
+ 40 step-by-steps
+ 40 videos
+ Free photo / recipe updates for 1 year

Purchase additional videos and step-by-steps for $.99 each

Developed by Up & Atom! Digital. Visit them at

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