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Fly Tying

Finishing Flies Using Permanent Waterproof Markers

by Charlie Craven   |  May 8th, 2013 0

Fly tying, when done well, is often referred to as an art—so it comes as no surprise to me that so many good tiers are also great artists. Dave Whitlock, Andy Burke, and Rick Takahashi all come to mind when art and fly tying come together, but even an average Joe can let a little art creep into his tying with a small investment and a bit of creativity.

Permanent waterproof markers are always within an arm’s reach of my tying bench. Directly to the right of my vise sits a container holding about 50 markers of varying colors and tip shapes and sizes. From pale cream all the way to bright fluorescent, black, and muted earth tones, my marker stash has become an imperative piece of my tying program.


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