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Fly Tying The CDC Golden Stone

by Charlie Craven   |  September 9th, 2011 1



CDC Golden Stone: HOOK: #8-16 Tiemco 5262. BEAD: Gold tungsten, sized to hook. WEIGHT: Lead wire, sized to hook. THREAD: Yellow 70 denier. TAIL: Dyed yellow pheasant-tail fibers. RIB: 4X nylon monofilament. FLASHBACK: Mirage Saltwater Flash. ABDOMEN: Golden brown House of
Harrop nymph dubbing. THORAX: Same as abdomen. LEGS: Natural brown CDC, wrapped
as a collar. COLLAR: Grizzly hen saddle hackle dyed gold. HEAD: Same as thorax.



Step 1. Place the bead on the hook and make several turns of lead wire on the shank. Shove the lead wraps into the back of the bead. Start the thread behind the lead wraps, and build a thread dam tapering up to the lead from the bare shank. Continue wrapping forward over the lead wraps up to the bead and back again to the bend of the hook.

Step 2.Tie in a heavy clump of dyed yellow ringneck pheasant-tail fibers at the bend of the hook. The tail should be a half-shank long. Wrap forward over the butt ends of the pheasant-tail fibers to just behind the bead, and clip the excess.

Step 3. Tie in 4X monofilament tippet material at the front of the hook along the far side and wrap back over it to the bend.

Step 4. Return the thread to just on top of the lead wraps, and tie in a length of Mirage Saltwater Flash. Wrap back over the flash to the bend of the hook, taking care to keep it centered on the shank.

Step 5. Dub a tapered abdomen from the bend of the hook up to the 75 percent point on the hook.

Step 6. Pull the flash over the top of the abdomen and secure it in place with several firm wraps of thread. Spiral-wrap the 4X tippet forward over the abdomen, pulling hard to crease and segment the flash. Tie the rib material off with several tight turns and clip it along with the excess flash.

Step 7. Dub a thick thorax that slightly overlaps the front edge of the abdomen. Note the space between the thorax and the bead.


Step 8. Select a CDC feather and preen the fibers so they stand out from the quill. Peel the fluff from the bottom of the feather and tie in the tip just behind the bead. The inside of the feather should be facing back toward the tail of the fly. I leave the tip of the feather intact to help anchor it to the shank. Fold the CDC fibers back, sweeping them to the rear like a wet-fly hackle collar.


Step 9. Wrap the CDC feather two or three turns forward as you would a soft hackle. Sweep the fibers back with your fingers after each turn. Tie off and clip the excess.


Step 10. Prepare and tie in a hen saddle feather just in front of the CDC collar.


Step 11. Fold the hen saddle feather as you did with the CDC, and wrap it forward with two turns, folding the fibers back as you wrap.Tie off and clip the excess.


Step 12. Dub a small collar between the bead and the front of the hackle. Whip-finish the thread just behind the bead.

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