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Streamer Envy

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  March 13th, 2010 0
Jeff Simpson Photo

George Daniel’s favorite cutting-edge streamers are (left to right) the Meal Ticket, Headbanger (top), Trophy Wife, and Sparkle Minnow.

Trophy Wife
Thomas Harvey
Hook: #2 Partridge Attitude Streamer.
Thread: Tan 140-denier UTC.
Eyes: Yellow medium Hareline Tungsten Predator Eyes.
Body: Copper Hareline UV Polar Chenille.
Rabbit Strip: Wapsi olive-barred rabbit Zonker.
Head: Sculpin olive Hareline Senyo Lazer Dub.
Note: Eyes tied on top of shank so fly rides hook up.

Mike’s Meal Ticket
Mike Schmidt
Hook: #2 Partridge Attitude Streamer.
Eyes: Yellow medium Hareline Tungsten Predator Eyes.
Thread: Tan 140-denier UTC.
Rabbit Strip: Hareline’s Black Barred Rabbit Strips Gold Variant.
Body: EP’s Sparkle Brush-Speckled Gold.
Underbelly: Hareline Senyo Lazer Dub-Tan.
Note: Eyes tied under the shank so fly rides hook down.

Sparkle Minnow
Don Coffey
Hook: TMC 811S #2
Thread: Black 140-denier UTC.
Tail: White and Sculpin Olive Marabou
Flash: Red Flashabou
Body: EP’s Sparkle Brush-Speckled Gold
Marker-Black Permanent Marker brushed on top of speckled gold brush
Underbelly: EP’s Sparkle Brush-Pearl
Cone: Large Tungsten Black Conehead-Black

Head Banger Sculpin
Rich Strollis
Hook: Gamakastu SP11-3L3H #2.
Head: Sculpin Helmet: Size Small-Olive.
Thread: Olive 140-denier UTC.
Tail: Mix of olive and white marabou.
Body: White Pearl Chenille palmered with while saddle hackle.
Legs: Wapsi’s Green Pumpkin Sili Legs.
Overwing: Dark Olive Craft Fur.
Cheeks: Hareline Senyo Lazer Dub-Olive.

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