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Fly Tying

Tweaking the Adams Fly

by Charlie Craven   |  July 26th, 2017 0


To me, one of the most compelling things about tying flies is that no matter how long you’ve done it or how many flies you’ve tied, there are always little tricks you learn as you go. This phenomenon happens on your twentieth Elk-hair Caddis as well as your four thousandth, and countless times between. A detailed tier is always looking for those little tweaks that make a fly one step closer to perfect and after decades of attempts, I’ve finally arrived (for now) at the perfect Parachute Adams.

Even though I wrote an article on a similar subject in this space several years ago, I’ve tied a few thousand more of them since then, demonstrated the fly a bunch of times, and taught it in my classes over these intervening years and hopefully I can pass along some of the tweaks and tricks as well as some of the new teaching methods I’ve learned during that time.

A lot of tiers are surprised to learn that one of my favorite summertime drys is the Parachute Adams. I guess they’re expecting me to have some secret pattern up my sleeve, and I’m not saying I don’t, but I do fish a size 14 or 16 Parachute Adams at some point almost every day I go fishing during the summer. It’s not the conventional version, because have a few modifications I’ve added over the years to improve its fishability, floatation, and durability.

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