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Tying the Parachute Damsel Adult

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  March 27th, 2017 0

There isn’t any dialogue in this beautiful little film by Sharptail Media, as there isn’t much to explain. Trout love adult damselflies, and sometimes don’t even wait for them to hit the water.

Tying the Parachute Damsel Adult

The Parachute Damsel Adult is an easy, accurate, and durable imitation. Click here for more detailed step-by-step tying instructions by Fly Fisherman columnist Charlie Craven.

Hook: #14 Umpqua C500BL.

Thread: Blue 70-denier UTC Ultra Thread.

Body: Adult Damsel Body braid.

Thorax: Blue 2 mm Fly Foam over
blue dubbing.

Wings: Pearl Krystal Flash.

hackle: Grizzly parachute hackle wrapped around the base of foam and swept back.

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