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Tying the Whitlock Sheep Minnow

by Dave Whitlock   |  September 17th, 2012 1

Recipe: Swimming Sheep
HOOK: TMC 9394 nickel-plated #2-#8 or TMC 911S stainless-steel, 4X-long, ringed eye, #4 to #4/0.
THREAD: Nylon 8/0-3/0, the color of minnow’s body.
BODY WEIGHT: Lead wire or non-corrosion resistant zinc wire.
CEMENTS: Dave’s Flexament, Zap-A-Gap, and Goop.
GILLS: Dave Whitlock-plus-SLF Dubbing: color #24 Whitlock’s minnow gills.
BODY FLASH: Krystal Flash (color of body).
BODY HAIR: Icelandic Sheep Hair (colors of minnow body).
LATERAL LINE: Two strips of pearl Saltwater Flashabou and two hackles (color of minnow’s upper side).
CHEEK: Pair of feathers to form shape and color of right and left sides of minnow’s head.
EYES: Pair of Waspi solid plastic doll eyes or Holographic eyes.

[Note: Whitlock Sheep Minnows tied according to Dave’s specifications are available from most fly shops that carry Umpqua Feather Merchants flies. For the name of your nearest Umpqua dealer, call (800) 322-3218.
Sheep Swimming Minnow tying instructions are available on video tape from Umpqua or Dave Whitlock Fly Fishing Galleries. Fly tying kits are also available. For an autographed copy or more information about Whitlock’s products or Dave & Emily’s Fly Fishing Schools (conducted in spring and fall in the Arkansas Ozarks), contact Dave Whitlock, P.O. Box 319, Midway, AR 72651, (888) 962-4576, fax (870) 481-6121, The Editor.]

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