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Fly Fisherman features the latest and greatest fly fishing gear in the industry, including rods, reels, line, waders, nets, vises, and much more!


World’s Top 13 Pike Flies

by Matt Straw 6

Pike live in a green chiaroscuro. Their own green coloration adds to the effect while hiding them perfectly. Pike, therefore,… more »


Drift Boats vs Wading

by Tom Rosenbauer 1

Some of my best friends row drift boats. I have nothing against getting downstream under oar power, and it’s tough… more »


Fly Fishing Tackle Checklist

by Ross Purnell, Editor 1

Fly fishing is a beautiful, deeply involved outdoor pursuit built on a framework of craft (fly tying), science (understanding, appreciating,… more »


Wading Strategies

by Landon Mayer 0

The key to success for any fish hunter is a stealthy approach. Too many people wade recklessly into a river… more »


Fly Fishing Tricks and Tips From The Experts

by Jay Nichols 2

Check out these great fly fishing tricks and tips!


Rod Angles for Fly Fishing

by Ross Purnell, Editor 1

When I was a fly-fishing guide, and I had beginners in my boat, I remember my frequent first admonition when… more »


Trout Camouflage

by Jim Dean 0

You can spot Eddie Dunn a long way on the river, certainly far enough to avoid him, which is the… more »


Fly Tying Petrella’s Green Drake

by Capt. Tony Petrella 0

Like the quiet murmurings between members of a secret society, a knowing look and softly spoken “the Drakes are on”… more »


Fly Tying Dubbing Loops

by Charlie Craven 0

One of the great benefits of fly tying for an audience is the huge variety of questions I receive. I’ve… more »


Fly Fishing With Streamers

by George Daniel 0

One of my favorite quotes comes from T.S. Eliot, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find… more »

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