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Carbon Marine LineLiar

by Bruce Chard   |  April 29th, 2012 0


Photo Bruce Chard

If you travel to salt water fly fish anywhere in the world it’s possible to take some good old US technology with you to help out on your trip.

I have noticed that when you travel to most of the salt water destinations around the world that the usual fly fishing amenities that you can find in United States salt water destinations are far and few between.

Carbon Marine (out of Florida) has this killer lineliar that is flexible and helps to hold your line on the deck of the boat while fishing.  This linelair helps to maintain the line and reduce line tangles.  If your fly line is laying on the deck of the skiff it is easy for the wind to blow it around and bunch it up.  This causes loop of you line to over lay each other, then coming tight and creating a knot when you shoot your line to your target.

The Carbon Marine lineliar is totally foldable and can be stored in your travel luggage and you can walk on it without damaging your foot or the mat.  Its great!  Check it out!

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