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Fly Fishing Pack Options

by Fly Fisherman   |  January 25th, 2013 0

Fly Fishing Pack The problem with old-school vests is that there are no truly large pockets for big items like cameras, jackets, or even for truly large fly boxes. (Yes, there’s usually a large zippered pocket between your shoulder blades, but it’s so awkward to get in/out of that it’s practically useless.) And all those little pockets on the front don’t keep you organized, they keep you in a state of disarray because you never know what pocket your 6X tippet is in, or where to find your floatant. Many (if not most) fly fishers today are eschewing their fathers’ vests for packs and slings that favor large compartments, and easier access to more stuff. Here are four of our favorites.

Leave No Flies Behind
From smallest to largest, these packs are (1) 462 cubic inches, (2) 504 cubic inches, (3) 900 cubic inches, and (4) 1,434 cubic inches.



Fly Fishing Pack Options

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