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Oliver White ties his arapaima flies with Owner Aki 8/0 hooks. Jim Klug photo

Big Flies for (Really) Big Fish

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Tying arapaima flies with Oliver White and guide Shun Alvin When I came back from Guyana and showed friends and… more »


World’s Top 13 Pike Flies

by Matt Straw 10

Pike live in a green chiaroscuro. Their own green coloration adds to the effect while hiding them perfectly. Pike, therefore,… more »

Mark Engler on Vallecito Reservoir, Colorado

Mark Engler: The Man Who Created the WD-40

by Ross Purnell, Editor 3

On his own time, Mark Engler is a pike hunter, but he’s best known as one of the top guides at… more »

Expert Fly Fishing Tips

Expert Fly Fishing Tips From The Experts

by Jay Nichols 3

Check out these great expert fly fishing tips!


Fly Tying Petrella’s Green Drake

by Capt. Tony Petrella 0

Like the quiet murmurings between members of a secret society, a knowing look and softly spoken “the Drakes are on”… more »


Fly Tying Dubbing Loops

by Charlie Craven 0

One of the great benefits of fly tying for an audience is the huge variety of questions I receive. I’ve… more »


Saltwater Tubes

by Tom Rosenbauer 1

In the late 1970s I was running the fly and fly materials department at Orvis, and at that time we… more »


Tying the Whitlock Sheep Minnow

by Dave Whitlock 1

Before sitting down to tie Sheep Minnows, get a live minnow or a photo of the minnow you want to… more »


2012 Tippet Shootout

by James Anderson 8

Lee Wulff was once asked, “What is the greatest improvement you’ve seen in fly fishing?” His reply, “The tippet.” In… more »


Craven’s Speed Bench Fly Tying

by Charlie Craven 4

As a longtime commercial fly tier, I’m used to people marveling about how fast I am at fly tying. Truth… more »

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