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Best Fly Tying Materials

by Diana Rudolph   |  March 22nd, 2012 0
Best Fly Tying Materials

Waters West fly tying emporium!

Spring is finally here and after a full winter season of fly tying, it is time to replenish my materials. I have shopped at fly shops throughout the country, but Waters West in Port Angeles, WA has the best selection and quality of hooks, feathers and furs that I have ever found. Whether tying a classic salmon fly, a foam-bodied hopper or a swimmy saltwater bug, this place cannot be beat. Much of the dying is done in house and the colors are spot-on. Plus, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Give Dave Steinbaugh a call at 360.417.0937 or surf his website ( for the best fly tying materials. 

Best Fly Tying Materials

Salmon fly tied by David Mangum.

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